About Us

Who We Are

We are a forward thinking firm which prefers being positive, conscious of different viewpoints while at the same time telling it how it is when it comes to recommendations we make for any executive, manager or business owner so that the company is able to thrive in the new era of the 21st century, an environment where change is coming left and right and where the thinking of the past can no longer be an option.

In our marketing strategy consulting and business relationship coaching services, we prefer turning problems into solutions where businesses and companies are able to be more optimistic and have more tools to their tool box to generate business and stay solvent.

As the era is upon us to act more boldly, business and society are becoming more digital but it’s important to think not just in tech but also in the real world.  Therefore, we work to provide decision makers better options to chose from as opposed to limiting them.

Our Team

Principal Consultant – Michael Briggin

Michael Briggin is the Principal Consultant for Tomorrow Future Consulting and has over 10 years of experience in the entertainment and film, healthcare and start-up industries.  With extensive history in business analysis and management consulting, Michael has improved the bottom line for businesses and executives by enabling them to make call-to-action decisions with greater productivity in challenging situations regardless of the company size.

In addition, Michael possesses a BA in Cinema Studies at San Francisco State University, Certificates in Business Analysis and Marketing at UC Berkeley Extension and is a member of the following business organizations:

American Marketing Association San Francisco Chapter – Member

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce – Executive Member

Michael is a native of San Francisco, raised in Berkeley, enjoys fine dining at neighborhood cafes and restaurants, civil and respectful debates and goes by the work hard, live hard mantra.