Marketing Communications Manager


Marketing Manager – Marketing Communications and Strategy

We are in the process of building our marketing team and are in need of a marketing communications manager who can focus on marketing communications initiatives to help us plan our strategy in order to make the business sector aware of the Tomorrow Future Consulting brand and what we stand for so they can benefit as clients.

We are a boutique management consulting firm with an office in San Francisco, CA.  The Marketing Communications Manager role is a key role in being the leader of the marketing communications and strategy initiatives we need done to grow and strengthen our leadership in the management consulting industry.  Building relationships and thinking externally as well as internally on how our marketing efforts from a branding standpoint can be improved is a plus.

You will be responsible for managing marketing campaigns, creative messaging and managing the brand across the entire user journey from our social media channels to our website as well as working closely between Managing Partner and Principal Consultant to manage briefs, plan messaging and analyze data and information which can be used for business decisions so Tomorrow Future Consulting can conduct smarter business in reaching out to its appropriate target markets.

We do business on-site marketing strategy consulting and business relationship coaching projects along with partnerships and sponsorships, in-person events and presentations as needed to drive awareness for the Tomorrow Future Consulting brand and uniqueness we have compared to other management consulting companies.

The work you produce will require yourself to think different than you normally do in your past marketing experience and be able to make a difference for the business world at the same time.  You will also be responsible for managing brand consistency across the organization which in turn will ensure that Tomorrow Future Consulting stands out amid the competition.


  • Build the brand of Tomorrow Future Consulting for it to be wider known as a management consulting firm working to strengthen Main Street as well as Silicon Valley and Wall Street so that we have a stronger U.S. economy in the end.
  • Develop our social media efforts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter with an awareness for both non-tech and tech businesses as well as businesses (i.e. cafes and restaurants) which don’t typically use management consulting for their marketing strategy or business relationship coaching needs.
  • Analyze and execute direct marketing campaigns to engage users through email lists and other methods of communication in a direct fashion so users feel they can benefit from Tomorrow Future Consulting and what it offers them.
  • Work with the Managing Partner and Principal Consultant to identify business opportunities in different industries which need our services and devise a plan to target businesses in these industries. Pricing for our services is a key factor for how we end up being successful in the end so knowing this from a marketing standpoint is key.
  • Create a content marketing strategy and develop useful content for all functions of the business and verticals.
  • Write effective copy for all our communication channels which is impactful for the kind of audience we are looking to target.
  • Assist Managing Partner and Principal Consultant with planning events and unique outreach initiatives aiming to bring the Bay Area business community together and to allow Tomorrow Future Consulting to build relationships with key decision makers who could see benefit from our services.
  • Gather input from client interactions, meetings and consulting projects which helps Tomorrow Future Consulting become a better management consulting firm over time in serving its clients.


About You:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business or a degree with marketing experience post-graduation from an accredited university.
  • 6-8 years relevant work experience where you’ve worked at a variety of companies, not just in tech.
  • A work history of impactful marketing and analytical skills and results which demonstrate an understanding of not just marketing but also the practical impact on business on the bottom line so it can generate results.
  • Familiarity with the management consulting industry as well as interest in understanding the economy in a deeper level it pertains to the industries our firm serves.
  • Creative mindset, with a natural understanding of how people and online users think.
  • Well organized with high project management skills.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to multi-task and be hands-on on multiple projects at once.
  • You think like an entrepreneur. You’re a self-starter and are dedicated to the mission of making a stronger economy while not having to always take directions
  • An excellent writer. Nothing thrills you more than to bring to life with the right words and innovative, creative thinking.

To apply, send a brief description about your background and experience along with your LinkedIn Profile and resume to